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Rotilio IIoT Controller V1

Rotilio IIoT Controller V1

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The Rotilio IIoT Controller, based on Raspberry Pi 4, stands out as an excellent platform for a wide range of projects. When the search for uncompromising reliability and efficient management of ModBus devices becomes crucial, this controller adds advanced features, ensuring robustness and security to your project.

Elevate Your Project:

Whether you are developing solutions for industrial automation, monitoring, or IoT projects, the Rotilio IIoT Controller provides a solid foundation to achieve new levels of reliability and connectivity.

Key Features:

Real-time Clock with Long-lasting Battery:

The integrated Real-time Clock, supported by a long-lasting battery, ensures the continuous availability of the current time. Even in situations of restart or lack of internet connection, this feature is essential for accurately timestamping collected and archived data.

Quality RS-485 Port with MAX485 Chip:

The RS-485 port, based on the renowned MAX485 chip, offers a stable connection to devices with ModBus protocol. With an exceptional range of up to 1200 meters and a transmission speed of up to 115200 baud, it ensures efficient and reliable communication.

Additional Ethernet Port with Integrated Firewall Function:

The additional Ethernet port provides the ability to connect local devices in a network isolated from the cloud. With an integrated firewall function, it keeps external connections separate from local ones, ensuring security and control.

Hardware Configuration:

  • Rotilio IIoT Controller Hat
  • Additional Ethernet Port
  • SD Card
  • ABS and polycarbonate case
  • Raspberry Pi 4

Preinstalled Software:

  • Official Raspberry Pi Operating System: RASPBIAN
  • Open-source visual development environment: NODE-RED
  • Minimal graphical environment: OPENBOX
  • Web browser: CHROMIUM
  • VNC server
  • ZeroTier client
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