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Power meter QE-Power-T-pro

Power meter QE-Power-T-pro

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Three phase energy meter with universal current input:

current transformers with output in voltage or in current can be used on the same inputs.
One DIN box, perfect for electrical panel. Equipped with one serial output RS485 Modbus RTU for readings and one digital output for alarms.

Configuration through free software.

Meter Characteristics:

  • Equivalent to class 0,5S (KWh) of EN62053-22
  • Equivalent to class 0,5S (KVARh) of EN62053-24
  • Accuracy ±0,5% RDG
  • Universal input for current measurement
  • Energy meter
  • TRMS measurements of distorted sine waves (voltages/currents) ü Neutral current measurement
  • One digital output (mosfet) for alarms
  • Serial RS485 output
  • Alarms signaling through front led
  • Dimension: 1 DIN module

 Technical Specifications:

  • Harmonics up to 63rd order
  • Interharmonics
  • Power quality:
    • Sag
    • Swell
    • Interruption
  • Waveforms display through FACILE configuration software.
  • Single phase device efficiency measurement
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