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ASSEMBLY KIT for N.A.S.O. Cave Datalogger for Atmospheric Tracer Monitoring

ASSEMBLY KIT for N.A.S.O. Cave Datalogger for Atmospheric Tracer Monitoring

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The N.A.S.O. datalogger is an essential tool for spelunkers engaged in monitoring atmospheric tracers in caves and underground environments.

Easy to Use:

N.A.S.O.uses propane or butane canisters, such as air freshener sprays, as tracers to identify connections between underground environments; one releases air, while the other draws it in.

Thanks to the use of LED indicators for tracer transit, real-time monitoring of the situation is enabled, and with data recorded on the SD card and the generation of detailed CSV files, in-depth analyses can be conducted.

The data can also be uploaded via a connection to the USB port of a computer or compatible device.

Additionally, N.A.S.O. is powered by a power bank via USB port, offering a convenient and flexible power option for extended acquisition sessions.


Allows for precise and reliable determination of underground connections revealed during cave explorations, providing the advantage of real-time monitoring of tracer transit through LED indicators.

The intuitive and user-friendly interface is ideal for spelunkers of all experience levels, and the power bank power option ensures extended recording autonomy, eliminating concerns about depleted batteries.

Access to detailed reports in CSV format also allows for in-depth analysis of collected data.


Tracer detection: using propane or butane cans.

Data recorded on an SD card and generation of CSV files.

Real-time visualization of tracer transit through LED indicators.

Powered by a power bank via USB.

Portable, with industrial-grade robustness and compactness - dimensions 90x115x55 mm and a weight of 320g - the N.A.S.O. is an ideal solution for spelunking explorations.

The transparent cover allows immediate viewing of the LED status and is easily removed for access to the SDCard using four star screws with gaskets provided.

The box is equipped with side flanges with six suitable holes - diameter: 5mm for M4 screws - for various situations: transportation, fixation, anchoring.

All parts are connected through 3D-printed polycarbonate complements, ensuring greater robustness and shock absorption.

The sensor and USB port are provided with additional protection against impacts and abrasion.

KIT includes:

  • Industrial-grade box with screws for lid anchoring
  • Arduino UNO
  • Data Logger Board with RTC
  • MQ-2 Sensor (GPL, Butane, Hydrogen, gas, smoke) 
  • Cables for connections 
  • Pre-formatted SDCard
  • Firmware updated to the latest version (loaded before shipping)

Technical Specifications:


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