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Forecasto remote course

Forecasto remote course

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A 30-minute online course focused on optimizing the use of Forecasto, the customized management software for your business, enriched with integrated CRM and Cashflow features. Throughout the course, we will delve into every fundamental aspect to successfully manage, collaborate, and expand your business, focusing on four key business concepts, each with a different time horizon and level of certainty:

  • Actual: Definite costs and revenues, such as rent, issued invoices, consultations, salaries, bills.
  • Orders: Acquired or issued orders from suppliers.
  • Prospects: Offers sent to clients awaiting approval.
  • Budget: Potential sales or purchases.

The goal of Forecasto is to become your daily ally, providing the necessary support in critical decisions to simplify the management of your business, covering purchases, sales, payments, prospects, and budgeting.

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